Our SEO Process

Our SEO process starts with you…

You know your business best and your goals will act as the driving force behind your SEO strategy. So before we start any work, our team takes the time to get to know you and your business.

By learning more about your audience, business model and competition, our team can work more effectively to develop a customized search engine optimization strategy tailored to your exact needs!

Get started today with our complete Website & SEO Audit where we will dive deep into all elements of your website to give you all of the information you need to make informed decisions to help your website, brand, and business grow.

We will look at Technical SEO (the foundation of your site), Content, E-E-A-T, Accessibility, Speed, Performance, Tracking, and more to identify any red flags and all of the potential you have!

Where We Start

Our Full Website & SEO Audit

Our SEO Audit gives you much more information than other audits out there.

We dive deep into every aspect of your website that affects SEO, give you details about the errors or issues that we find, and make recommendations that we think should be addressed by priority to help you make the most impact and progress in growing your organic search volume and conversions.

What we cover:


We find all of the technical issues that are affecting your site and its ability to rank. Technical SEO is the foundation of your website. It’s critical to make sure the foundation is strong in order for all of your other SEO efforts to have maximum effect. Fixing technical SEO issues can also result in organic search improvements!


It’s no secret that content is the driving force behind SEO. Without content, Google would struggle to understand your website and your business. We look at all of the pieces that Google deems important when delivering content across your website, from your homepage and landing pages, to your blog or article posts, and let you know any errors, issues, or structural problems that may be limiting your site’s ability to rank well!


Recently, Google laid out their guidelines for what they want and expect from a website. They did this because they want to make sure that they deliver the best search results to their users each and every time. We review all aspects of E-A-T across your website and recommend any changes that we may find in order for your website and brand to meet those quality guidelines that Google looks for to consider you and your website authoritative and trustworthy!


Accessibility is often overlooked, but has become an important factor for SEO, User Experience, and can protect your website and business from possible legal issues. We will look at how your website is doing with important accessibility elements that help users with any visual disabilities better navigate and understand your site. These types of elements help users trust your site and ultimately create signals that Google sees to build even more trust with them to increase your ranking potential!

Speed & Performance

Site speed and performance has become one of the most important ranking factors for your website. If your website loading time is slow, especially on mobile devices, Google (and other search engines) will be less likely to want to rank your site as high. It’s critically important to make sure your website speed isn’t affecting your traffic and conversions!

User Experience

Google places a high value on making sure that when they rank your website in the search results, their user will receive the best experience possible to find what they are looking for. We know that a great user experience can result in better conversions and revenue, but it’s now a priority for Google, so it can affect your traffic from organic search results as well. We will audit your site from a user perspective and make any recommendations we can that may improve user experience to help your ranking potential!

But Wait… There’s More…

We also look for any other red flags and future recommendations that could benefit you and your site based on your goals, including:

Content Audits

If you have been blogging or creating content on your site without a lot of consideration for SEO, this may be a great way to maximize the results you’re getting (or not getting) from your content.

We dive into your content to not only make sure your on-page SEO is great, but also help you make decisions about your content to improve user experience across your site and help Google quickly read and understand your content, your brand, and exactly what you are an expert in – all based on your content!


SCHEMA is an often overlooked and misunderstood aspect of SEO – especially since it doesn’t technically directly affect SEO or your search results.

However, SCHEMA helps Google and other search engines understand you, your website, and your content, and how it relates and connects to other things across the internet.

And since this can help Google understand you and your website and can help verify your expertise and connections, it will help Google trust you more and see you as an authority in your industry.

Backlink Audits

Google is great at ignoring spammy backlinks, but if we see some unusual backlinks raise some flags, it may be beneficial to do an audit to disavow the bad links that may have come from the result of bad SEO practices.

Keyword Mapping

We’ve developed a unique method of delivering all of the keywords you need when you need to write about an important topic that you want to rank well in the search results. Gone are the days where you can pick a keyword and say, “that’s what I want to rank for and this keyword has a high volume.”

In order to maximize your organic search results for the topic you want to write about, you have to make sure it covers all aspects of that topic that your users and Google expect to see. Not only will this help you create the best content on the topic, but it will also maximize your organic traffic results by including a multitude of keywords that you’ll be able to rank for with that one piece of content.

Not sure what to write about? We can help with that too by analyzing your competition, trending topics in your niche, and what we think Google expects to see.


Don’t trust any SEO expert that tells you that you should be building backlinks. Google has openly stated that any form of paid or even asking for backlinks is against Google’s guidelines and it can result in a complete removal of your site from the search results.

There’s no scenario where you should be taking that risk! Instead, you should be focusing on public relations, building relationships with other leaders in your industry, appearing on their podcasts or features, and creating content that others will naturally want to link to.

Working with a PR team will not only generate quality backlinks to your site the right way, but it will also increase your brand awareness and E-E-A-T.

And more!

Social media, advertising, brand monitoring, plugin audits, and much more. If it affects SEO and can help you reach your goals, we can help!

Get Started Today With A Full Website & SEO Audit

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