Okay, here’s the full low down on what we use, when we use it and why we recommend it.


I know, it’s not high-tech, cutting edge or brand new but the honest truth is we spend a fair amount of time in Gmail Inboxes (our own and clients) each and every day.

If you’re going this route make the most of the inbox with:

  • Boomerang: Schedule your emails to send later
  • Canned Responses: Save your Top 10 emails to paste (and then customize) as needed
  • Inbox Sections: Set up sections as needed. We know the often touted Inbox Zero is not a reality for everyone.
  • Set up sections for Tasks and In Process or Tasks and Pending or whatever works for you.
  • Tags Baby: While I have a deep love and respect for tags and color coding don’t go too far with this one. Keep it simple and manageable.

Google docs/sheets

This is the best way to manage documents and make sure everyone is looking at the most current version. We use them for website edits/copy, blog post copy, newsletter intros and for process and procedure docs all. day. long.


While it might seem to overlap with Google Docs/Sheets we use Dropbox for non text files… Think audio, video, graphics.

Project Management


Keeping everyone on the same page with tasks, due dates, process and procedure can feel like a HUGE undertaking. We keep it easy with TeamworkPM. Everything we do is in here… All tasks, all recurring tasks, procedures, project details, launch plans, project plans, calendars… AND, we even track our time in here for easy reconciling at the end of the month.

Email Marketing


We are big time fans of ConvertKit. Love the tagging, sequences and automation that let us and our customer take email marketing to the next level without the monthly price tag of an all-in-one system. Get your first month free with our link.

Website Resources


Divi is our go-to WordPress theme. The creators at Elegant themes are constantly updating and improving this software so you rest assured you’ve gotten a sustainable theme.


Have physical or digital products you want to offer on your website? This amazing tool by WooThemes is gorgeous and amazingly powerful.

Wishlist Member

Robust membership plugin. You’ll still need to have a WordPress site + a theme to go along with it {see Optimize Press}. Biggest drawback is the time to keep this running smoothly – you’ll likely want a developer on standby if something starts acting up.