About The AK Collective

You didn’t start a business for it to look like this…

You started your business with hopes, dreams and ambitions, but somewhere along the way your business started to look a little different than what you envisioned.

Okay, maybe even a lot different.

Your goal of a business to give you freedom and flexibility in your life seems further and further away as your business grows.

There comes a point in every business when you can’t continue to wear all the hats (even if they look great on you!) if you’re going to be able to continue to grow…and actually have a life.

To make the freedom you want possible, you need to build a foundation.

I’m Amber Kinney

and foundations are my thing.

Systems, processes, operations, customer service – you know, the things that most business owners find tedious and stressful? I thrive on them.

It may have started back in third grade when I’d go to my family’s shoe store to work. I loved everything from organizing the shoe closet to doing inventory while always finding ways to make things more efficient.

Since my days in the shoe store, I’ve worked in a variety of roles in retail and corporate operations. This gives me a perspective not only on the needs of the business, but the realities of building a team and creating a customer experience for your brand.

For the last 10 years I’ve been working behind-the-scenes in small and online businesses, and I’ve seen first hand how hard growth can be. When you start a business it’s because you’re good at something, and that something is not usually operations!

I’ve helped business owners go from startup to multiple 7 figures, and what enabled that growth to happen was having the right foundation in place. Thanks to a strong foundation, those same business owners had the freedom to do what they want and keep sharing their gifts with the world without sweating over their operations.

How we can help you:

If your business is in growth mode and you need to build a rock solid foundation, we can help.

We work with a select number of businesses each year to provide hands-on operations support and we offer a number of DIY courses to help you build the foundation you need for freedom.

 About Amber Kinney

Amber Kinney is an operations and systems specialist. She works with online business owners to help them build the foundations they need so they can do what they want to do in business and in life. She’s has over 10 years experience in playing an instrumental role in helping to scale well-known online businesses from startup to multiple seven figures. Amber has a rich business background working for well-known brands, giving her a unique perspective on operations, customer service and building efficient, effective teams.

Based outside of Phoenix, Arizona, Amber is the mom of two busy kids, three adorable dogs and is married to David, who happens to be her team’s primary video, audio and graphics go-to guy.

About The AK Collective Team


Camia is an Online Business Manager that loves helping other small business owners manage their projects and team members, as well as streamlining their systems and processes. She is known by family and friends as the planner & organizer of all things, and loves interacting and connecting with people from all over the world. Camia currently resides in Virginia with her loving husband and two fur-babies Lola & Mulan, who keep her on her toes daily!


Erin started out as a VA/Content Manager/Jill of All Trades over 5 years ago. She is an organizational queen + loves the social media side of business. Born and raised a Wisconsin girl, Erin currently lives with her handsome husband + 2 cats in sunny Arizona. When she’s not working (+ sometimes while she is…), she enjoys traveling to places near + far, eating mint chocolate chip ice cream and listening to a little John Legend on the side.


Joyce has been providing semi-techie + customer support services to entrepreneurs and small business owners since, well, near the turn-of-the-century [give or take]. Her home/office shingle has been swinging on the south end of Camano Island WA for considerably longer. She is admittedly obsessed with, well quite an eclectic smattering of things… adds to the charm, or so she would like to believe :]


Lane is a customer experience expert for entrepreneurs who uses her love of conversation and GIFs to keep inboxes and client communities running smoothly and happily. She’s the mother to two wild daughters and two elderly dogs who loves running, reading, sleeping and lives by the personal motto Earl Grey All Day.


Tracey hails from Eastern Montana and has been married to her husband Greg for over 18 years with one daughter who is 14. Tracey has been a Virtual Assistant for over 7 years and in her off time, loves to spend time with family and friend.


Katie has been a Virtual Assistant for 3+ years and tends to tackle the techy side of things. She loves the ever evolving virtual business world and loves finding solutions to simplify entrepreneurs’ daily tasks. When Katie is not working, she’s spending time with her 3 kids and husband hiking in the red rocks of Utah. Hobbies include travel, cooking and binge watching Netflix.

Our Secret Agents

We all have those times when you need a developer, an analytics guys, an ads expert, you know… a fixer. We have a great team of resources to pull in as needed, we call them our secret agents and they can be yours too.

Prior to working with Amber, I had been struggling with managing my team.

Either I was constantly communicating with and double-checking things or I was putting out fires from managers who weren’t fully qualified for the position. Both cases were exhausting, costly, and time consuming– preventing me from doing my real work as CEO, teacher, and author.

With Amber onboard, I finally have a strong, qualified team in place (something I’ve been working towards for many years) and I feel a greater ease and wellbeing in my day-to-day life, so that I can be more inspired and creative with my writing and teaching, since I’m not the one handling all the minute details of the business.

Sara Avant Stover

CEO, The Way of the Happy Woman

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