You Know Where You Want To Go.

Get There Faster With Us.

We Handle The Growth Work (Marketing Strategy + Operations) So You Can Be The High-Earning, Visionary CEO You Are.

You Know Where You Want To Go.

Get There Faster With Us.

We Handle The Growth Work (Marketing Strategy + Operations) So You Can Be The High-Earning, Visionary CEO You Are.

You’ve proven your business model and offers work.

Now, it’s time to grow, scale, and create Sustainable Impact.

But there’s one [big] problem:

You’re carrying the entire business on your shoulders.

You know trying to do it all yourself isn’t sustainable. The hippo-sized burden is too heavy to grow effectively.

It’s time to put the 🦛️ — burden — down…

Tried doing it all. Felt exhausted.
Zero stars. Don’t recommend.

The reality is, doing it all yourself isn’t working for you. 🤷

You don’t need another scattered “team” producing migraines.

You don’t need more courses or high-ticket coaching.

People who deeply understand your vision and are committed to helping you achieve it.

The right support system frees you from the daily grind so you can focus on high-level strategy and impact.

You’re ready. Let us help you.

Real support from real people.
That’s what we do.

The AK Collective is a Marketing & Operations agency with 12+ years of experience in digital marketing and operations.

We partner with you to bring your big vision to life through customized strategy and implementation… and everything that happens before and after.

We help you create long-term sustainable growth through marketing that’s driven by business integrity and smart operations.

When you work with us, you’re never alone.
We always have your back.

Strategy Intensive

Get A Custom 90-Day Scaling Plan In Place

We’ll review your funnels, launch plans, or build one if starting from scratch. We’ll help you gain momentum toward the next level with a marketing plan to attract your leads and clients like magnets.

That means you’ll have a clear execution strategy that pairs your big visionary ideas with an optimized backend for expansion.

Get unstuck. Gain clarity. Envision and execute powerfully.


Done-With-You Marketing Support

cale your impact, don’t scale your workload. Our done-for-you marketing has you covered.

From social media to funnels, ad campaigns to workflows, and everything in between—our team of experts handles it all once your strategy is set.

You can focus on your zone of genius while we run the operations, marketing, and tech that brings your vision to the masses needing it.


Hi, I’m Amber Kinney

Founder & CEO of The AK Collective.

There are 3 vital things you should know right up front:

  • We’ve walked in your shoes.
  • We get results.
  • We’re committed to YOUR success.

Our passion is helping you make your biggest visions a reality.

And we’ll have fun doing it together.

And in the process, we can have a lot of fun together.

My team and I are ready to co-create the marketing strategy that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Even better, we implement that strategy with you.

No more “all strategy and no action” because that makes Jane a very unhappy CEO. No more playing pin-the-marketing-strategy-on-your-business with a blindfold on.

Just real support from real people who are obsessed with your success.

That’s how you create the kind of income, impact, life, and legacy you desire.