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If you want to grow, you need a solid foundation.

For your business to grow, it needs to be built on a solid foundation – operations, marketing, systems and a team you can count on.

With the foundation in place, you’ll be able to put all your time and energy into making your dream business a reality…

Plus, you’ll have the support to make it happen!

Building your foundation.

That’s where we come in.

My team and I are specialists in building foundations that fuel your success.

It may be foundations for your team, operations or even your admin. No matter what you business needs, the foundation is the bedrock of your success. Without it, you’re going to find yourself stuck and unable to advance to the next level.

Working with my team and I will take the fear out of building a foundation and help you attain the freedom you’re working towards.

Here’s how we can help you build the foundation to fuel your business growth:

Done With You:

We support a small number of high-end business owners each year to help them build their business foundation and manage their ongoing marketing, operations and team on a regular basis.

Coaching / Consulting:

Your business is growing. You have questions and don’t want to “recreate the wheel” if you don’t have to. Bring your growth, systems, operations, team, and even tech questions and we’ll work together on the solution that works for your business.

“After several failed attempts at hiring the right Online Business Manager, I found Amber Kinney.

Amber has helped usher me smoothly through a book launch, a book tour and oversee registration for my year-long program. We have been able to continue to grow our online program enrollment, take care of the community better than ever, and continue to be a stable and growing presence.

I can now start to plan things out for the future unlike ever before. Amber and I have planning and visioning meetings and we recently mapped out the next 5 years, which I have never done before!

I am calm + at ease knowing that I have an incredible, solid team by my side and that my community is being taken care of in the best way.”

Bari Tessler

Author, The Art of Money,

“I had been dreaming of a person like Amber for a very long time. Before we started working together, I was drowning in big ideas and not enough of them were getting out into the world. I was an overwhelmed solopreneur – things were taking too long, it was stressful and not fun anymore.

Amber came into my business and set up systems for everything. Now my team and I are all chugging along in our own lanes doing the things that we are great at. End result? More fun, more money and we are helping more people be awesome!

Best part is, I fell back in love with my business. I can now be more creative than ever and be confident that my business can perform any way that I direct it to. ”

Celia Siegel


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