Racheal Cook

“Amber sees what’s possible, and helps you make it happen. Because of everything Amber has helped implement behind the scenes, I’ve been able to step back from the business when life demands it. We’re still enrolling new students and running the business as usual. None of that has slowed down, even though I’ve needed to step back.”

Lisa Smith

“The AK Collective is like the “business partner” who keeps you going. I feel like I have a partner to bounce things off of. Amber is incredibly competent and easy to consult and talk to. Entrepreneurship can feel very lonely, so just having someone who you know has your best interests in mind feels amazing.”

Laurie Wagner

“Amber holds a big vision for you. She wants you to have the business you want, but she also sees what’s possible. Her encouragement and vision have helped me take some bigger risks than I would take. I made more money this year than I have ever made and I would never have made that without Amber.”