It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at one point or another,

“How do I get it all done?”

No matter how often we wish we had 30 hours in a day, it just isn’t happening…

Us humans are always wanting to get more done. It’s almost like it’s programmed into us.

Think about it… humans are hard-wired to strive and want to achieve more. It’s baked into us…

But what’s also baked into us, is a desire to want more than we can achieve right now.

Like the guy standing at the buffet table with mountains of food, but a single plate to fit it on and a stomach only so big…

There are so many answers people have given to that question but most of those answers are:

“What worked for them.”

But will it actually work for you?

My friend Todd Herman has the answer…and it’s backed not just by experience (20 years of it)…but by science as well.

And in the second training (missed the first one? Click here to check it out!) in his free 90 Day Year Workshop, Todd reveals:

  • How he stumbled upon the biological mechanism for entering into “flow states” … and how with the help of his mentor Jim Rohn, turned it into a repeatable process that you can just as easily plug yourself into.
  • The 3 biggest mistakes that people make when they set goals that sets them up for failure…and what to do instead
  • Why simply scheduling your tasks isn’t enough to guarantee progress… and the vital importance of constant measurement and feedback loops to keep you improving over time.
  • And the powerful framework that powers you forward to accomplish any goal you choose

Curious to learn more? Download the workbook and watch the video now!

The worksheets will allow you to immediately implement Todd’s powerful O.P.P. framework.

P.S. Todd’s models and frameworks come straight from the world of competitive sport and business. They’re what Olympic athletes and Fortune 100 CEO’S plug themselves into when the stakes are high and success is the only option.

Isn’t it time we gave our own business outcomes the same treatment?

How can I help you? Let me know in the comments below…